Homeopathy Treatments For Hair fall

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Aarogya Clinic’s Homeopathy Treatments For Hair fall

Hair fall/hair loss or Alopecia is loss of hair from the head or body. It is very common to lose some hair every day. Generally when hair falls out, new hairs start growing in the same place of the old ones. But when someone has hair loss, their hair doesn’t grow back.
How Much of Hair Falling Per Day is Normal?
Medically speaking, for an adult, about 40 to 80 hair falling a day is considered within a normal range. It simply means that one may not consider getting treated for it if this is the case. However, it is also important that if one observes sudden increase of hair falling even within the normal range, it calls for medical attention and evaluation.
Again, if one has hair falling within normal range but if they fall from the roots amounting to a definite reduction in the quantum of the total hair on the scalp, it calls for appropriate treatment. In any case, consistent hair falling over 80 a day and/or reduced hair quantum needs to be evaluated for treatment. Localized hair falling, leading to even a tiny hairless spot (alopecia) should always be studied and treated.
Cause of Hair Fall:
There are number of factors which can cause excessive hair loss. The factors being hormonal imbalance, thyroid dysfunction especially in women after delivery, some medications like birth control pills, antidepressants, chemotherapy, etc. It is also caused by a fungal infection of the scalp change in water and stress may also cause hair fall.
It may develop after any illness or major surgery, but this loss of hair is temporary. Poor nutrition, insufficient food intake, deficiencies in biotin,protein,zinc,iron or malnutrition in general will also cause hair loss.
Do not try to change your shampoo or oil. Keep your scalp clean, wash it frequently and keep your hair tied loose to control further hair fall.
Homeopathy Treatment
Homeopathy has excellent treatment for hair fall. With our homeopathic treatment we can not only treat the patches of alopecia but can prevent recurrence of the problem. It is advisable to start the treatment as soon as possible. We have been able to stop hair fall in majority of our patients after about 3 months of treatment. Patients with hair fall have been treated most successfully by us for the past 15yrs.

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