Homeopathic Treatment for Gallbladder Stones

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Gall Bladder Stones


Gallstones are clumps of crystallized cholesterol or some pigments in the gallbladder. This condition is fairly common (affects 11% of general population) women are twice as likely as men to develop gallstones. (Medical dictum for Gallstones is: It's a disease of fat female of forty).
Gallbladder is a small sac situated just under the liver and it produces bile juice that is essential for proper digestion of fats. The bile juice mainly contains cholesterol, water, bile salts and a pigment called Bilirubin. When the proportion of these contents is altered in the bile juice, gallstones start forming.

Types of Gallstones:

There are two basic types of gallstones:
  • Cholesterol gallstones: Made up of cholesterol (accounting for about 80% of cases)
  • Pigment stones: Made up of the pigment Bilirubin

 Factors contributing to development of gallstones
  • Obesity
  • It's twice as common in females as compared to males
  • People over age of 60 years are at higher risk
  • Fasting, diabetes, rapid weight loss can also lead to formation of gallstones in some cases




All the factors that form stone are present in the bile under normal circumstances; however, they are in a dissolved state. If there is increase in concentration of cholesterol or pigments, they crystallize and precipitate out as stones. Factors such as increasing age, pregnancy, obesity, liver disorders, infections can have impact on development of gallstones. Some studies suggest that genetics and heredity factors are at the root of this condition that makes one prone to have gallstones.

Homeopathic Treatment for Gallbladder Stones :

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