Kidney Stone Treatment Without Surgery at Vellore,Tamil Nadu, India

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Aarogya Clinic Multi Speciality Centre treated more than 5000 people affected by #KidneyStones. We cured all those patient kidney stones #without #surgery.

#Kidney #stones are one of the most painful of the #urologic disorders. Men tend to be affected more frequently than women.

#Homeopathy can be used to speedily expel an existing stone and is extremely helpful in preventing their recurrence. Homeopathy is also useful in treating secondary infections of the #urinary tract arising after injury from the moving stone.

Aarogya Clinic


Welcome to aarogya multi specialty clinic – one of the largest private homeopathy medical clinics in Vellore district. Since 1993 aarogya multispeciality Clinic (AMC) has been providing qualified medical care to you and your family.

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