Best Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Disease

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Homeopathy and Skin Problems:

 The skin is our link to the outer world; it is our interface between what’s inside and what lurks on the outside. Skin is our protection against diseases trying to come in and assists in toxins trying to get out. Temperature is partially regulated by the skin as it acts as a heat exchanger through both sweat and capillary action. 

This largest organ of the body is considered the third kidney because of its ability to send toxins out of the body, and also makes up for low kidney function by sweating. Sweat has the same constituents as urine only fortunately it doesn’t smell the same. Through sweating the skin releases excess minerals; too much sweating can create a mineral imbalance in the body. 

The skin is a reflection of the health of our body. In America we are so concerned about how we look more than our health inside. And that’s why the pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars on gels and creams and drugs that suppress skin function and may directly or indirectly affect organs inside our body. Clever marketing has made us buy into the belief that we have to use these products and drugs forever to look and feel younger.

Surgical alterations can be useful for injuries etc., but it always disturbs the energy flow of the Ayurvedic chakras and the Chinese meridian system; thereby altering our health for the worse. Plastic surgery can be addictive. You’ve probably seen grotesque examples where people go to far because they can’t stop changing things. 

Healthy lifestyles equal healthy skin. Vets say that people forget they are like their pets – if a dog is healthy so is his skin and hair (fur). Somehow we forget that as humans. 

When looking at skin rashes, eczema and other issues also look to liver imbalance; if the liver can’t detoxify the blood or body the body has to push toxins out through the skin and that’s why we use liver herbs as well as kidney remedies when dealing with skin problems.

 Look for brown or red skin discolorations when there is liver imbalance and round or circular conditions when kidney imbalance is possible. Oil and water don’t mix, right? Well for skin health they are essential. Oils (Essential fatty acids) are nourishing to all the organs and skin of the body and help to maintain moisture and tissue integrity. Water is essential for many functions of the body. 

The average American is dehydrated which can bring on wrinkling of the skin not to mention many other ailments. Drink adequate amounts of water from 4 to 8 glasses a day. Bottom line – Improve your overall health, improve your skin.  

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